Rocket FM will be broadcasting complete coverage of the 2018 Lewes Bonfire celebrations, from Badge Night and the 6am maroon right through to Bonfire prayers. Throughout our 2018 broadcast, we’ll be talking to the people who make Bonfire, including representatives from all the Societies. We’ll also be providing details of all the essential Bonfire information – parking restrictions, road closures, opening hours … even the best Bonfire chilli recipe!

Stay tuned to 87.8FM and keep an eye on our website, which will be updated with all sorts of Bonfire information as we near the big day!

Monday November 5th

6am – 9am
Mike Bonsor – Good morning Bonfire
Up for the maroon, all the Bonfire news as Lewes’s amazing day at last gets underway.

9am to 11am
Bonfire Brunch with Steve and Eugene
A take on the detail of the day, who’s where, and why. An easy slide down to…

11am – 1pm
On the Bridge with Dino and Helen  – we’re extremely live down in the Cliffe with the programme sellers as the excitement builds.

1pm – 3pm
History of Bonfire. The story of Lewes Bonfire with recent history, and memories from further back in time.

3pm – 5pm

Lighting the Fuse, Andy Thomas holds the fort as the teckies get the outside broadcasting kit set up

5pm – 9pm
Dino Bishop, Helen Browning-Smith and the team with 4 hours of EVERYTHING live from the War Memorial.

9pm until the small hours
ALL THE SITES – live reports from all the fire sites & around town, sundry survivors in the studio, Bonfire Prayers shortly before midnight and beyond.

Don’t forget to join us again from 9am on 6th November. This year we will have +22 hours so you can live it all over again from 3pm on Tuesday…


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