What we do

Rocket FM Lewes is a community radio station broadcasting each year in the run up to the historic Lewes Bonfire celebrations.

Established for 16 years, the station offers community organisations and societies in Lewes a platform to promote their activities.

It features local musicians, presenters and guests, playing the music they are passionate about.

Rocket FM also broadcasts live coverage of Lewes Bonfire, enabling those in Lewes with mobility issues to feel part of this unique Sussex tradition.

How you can help

To give Rocket FM a more secure future, we need to invest in our infrastructure, over and above that which is enabled by the loyal support we receive from our advertisers, sponsors and grant givers. Each year, their financial contributions cover (just) our Ofcom and music licences, leaving virtually nothing in the pot for capital expenditure to replace worn-out and obsolete kit. We’ve had to borrow essential equipment in order to get back on air in 2016.

You can help us by becoming a Rocket Booster! We’re not asking for the moon; your donation can be large or small. And you’ll be helping us to buy much-needed equipment and software. We have a target of £5,000 and we promise to tell you how much money we raise … and exactly what we spend it on.

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