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Rocket FM, the Lewes community radio station, is to return to the airwaves for its 18th annual broadcast in the run up to the Lewes Bonfire celebrations.

Beginning online from Monday 15th October, the station will then broadcast locally on 87.8FM from Monday 22nd October. It will feature local musicians, presenters and guests, playing the music they are passionate about, as well as broadcasting all the essential Bonfire and community information.

In 2017 Rocket FM:

  • Produced 21 days of broadcasting;
  • Broadcast over 300 hours of live programming;
  • Delivered around 145 individual shows by 50 presenters in FM stereo to Lewes and surrounding villages, as well as live programming around the world via the website.
  • Interviewed over 200 guests on air;
  • Attracted over 1,600 Twitter followers;
  • Increased the Facebook page “likes” to 950
  • Broadcast live coverage on Nov 4th, Bonfire Night enabling those Lewesians with mobility issues to feel part of the event. The online broadcast reached its peak of around 1,000 online listeners at various points in the night, promoting Lewes and its cultural heritage to ex-pats and virtual visitors world-wide.
  • Videos from the Bonfire Night live coverage can still be viewed after the event.
  • The RocketFM Facebook page also live streamed the Lewes Remembers event that was put on by the Bonfire Societies on 11 November to commemorate the Lewes Men and one woman on the Lewes war memorial.

Two quotes from listeners to our 2017 Bonfire Night coverage….

We couldn’t get into Lewes and it’s the first year my daughter and my mum hasn’t been to bonfire but mum has made a bonfire cake and we’re celebrating together!

Busy making bonfire pie, cooking sausages & listening in! No better way to get into the bonfire mood than Rocket FM!

So why not join us this year on Social Media – send us your requests, comments or observations via Facebook or Twitter.

The station will broadcast live from Lewes, from 7am until 11pm each day. A leaflet with full programme listings is being distributed to all homes in the town. It is also available from Lewes Tourist Information Centre, Depot cinema and some shops.

Rocket FM can be heard live online from Monday 15th October via, locally on 87.8FM from Friday and it will continue until late on Tuesday 6th  November, the day after this year’s Bonfire celebrations. To make a request or to take part in a programme, email or call 01273 478861 (lines open from 15th).

Download your copy of 2018 schedule here.