dominica-warburton-webDominica Warburton has lived in Lewes for the last eight years and has presented a show on Rocket FM with her daughter Tilly for the last three years. Now she has her very own show!

Dominica says, “I will basically be playing ‘songs wot I like’ – that means that it will be a mixture of old and some newer stuff, which you might relate to if you are in your 40’s! I love the build up to Bonfire; all the preparations and anticipation. For me, Rocket FM is a big part of Bonfire. It’s like that feeling when you dust off your Smuggler’s costume and smell the smoke on your jumper from last year!”

Dominica’s show is on Halloween this year, so she might throw in a few spooky tunes and bloodcurdling sound effects … some of which she has made herself!