Michi Mathias is a fiddle and banjo player who also loves singing. She’s lived in Lewes since the early 80’s and has been fortunate to get to know a lot of great local musicians, a number of whom have been arm-twisted into performing live on her show.

Michi presents Mostly Live (Tuesday evenings, 7pm to 9pm).
The first programme begins with the ever-popular eight-voice choir Carmen Rollers & Old Spice Boys, followed by Chloë Overton and Fred (both from Hatful of Rain). The following week, we’ll have the artist extraordinaire Peter Messer who plays with the Contenders, but will be doing his own thing, then we’ll see how many players from Bill Elms’ group Lewkelele we can fit in the tiny studio! The Brighton trio Woven Sky with guitar, banjo, fiddle and lovely vocal harmonies will be guests on the final show.

Real people making music is what it’s all about. We’ll be hearing about how and why they started, how they keep learning, what they love about it, and what opportunities there are for people who want to start getting involved in music.