Rachelle Piper profile picOriginally from Switzerland, Rachelle got into the Mod scene in the late Eighties, and subsequently moved to London. Her record collection started off with Northern Soul, but she quickly developed a taste for R&B, Latin, Jazz and Instrumentals. Rachelle collects original vinyl 45s, mainly from the 60’s or late 50’s. She has been DJing at various Mod clubs and events in the UK or abroad since the early Nineties and, since moving down to Sussex, she has been very much involved in the Northern Soul scene, regularly guest DJing at numerous eventa. Rachelle started her own club, Loose Caboose, with the intention of promoting R&B as there is not much being played at clubs in the South East; she is now relocating it to Lewes, kicking off on 31st October.

Rachelle’s co-presenter is Rik Taub.