Ben Stevens Sam Jones profile picBen is 22. He works in a industrial food service distribution unit. In his spare time he makes pie for all of the towns folk (four varieties are available). Ben has also been a keen triangle player for many years, which has given him his love of music and, in turn, radio. After leaving EastEnders 4 years ago, Ben decided to join the Rocket team and has been with them ever since.

Sam Jones – (AKA Sam Jones) is a multi talented fictional Sci-Fi writer. Author of many books you may have heard of i.e. The monster from my Dad, The many grey hairs of old lady Lynch and the Goosebumps collection. He is fond of other fictional books such as Paddington Bear, 50 shades of grey and Jeremy Clarkson’s Autobiographies. He once starred as Tracy Beaker in an episode of CBBC’s ‘Tracy Beaker’ with rave reviews. Sam likes fiction … such as this information on Sam.