Paul Watts EviePaul Watts (pictured left receiving a lesson in the more technical aspects of the studio from granddaughter Evie) has been hanging around these studios since Radio Caburn launched over 17 years ago. He graduated to Rocket FM and presented the end-of-the-day show, Tailend (that was back in the steam-radio days when Rocket went to bed at nine o’clock). Known for his over-excess of levity, a gravitometer was wired into the studio desk in a vain attempt to make him produce the natural gravitas required by the station. However, this waste-of-time lord (as known by colleagues) still managed to heap ullage on his listener.

Paul moved to Spain to work as a reporter but annoyingly kept popping back. In 2007, the then Director General of Rocket FM, hearing of Paul’s return to the UK, placed him firmly back on the schedules as lunchtime presenter. And now after years of duplicitous deviousness he has finally secured the coveted post-breakfast show – this allows him access to the pub by midday!

Paul presents PWOR (Paul Watts On Rocket) on weekdays, 9am – 11am. Join Paul as he bravely tries to make sense of life, the universe and the studio. A morning mix of music, mirth and nonsensical musings whilst eggs and sausages sizzle away easing Rocket FM between breakfast and the all-important eleven o’clock coffee break.

Highlights include: the demographic busting Tiny-Tot Spot which caters for Rocket’s under three audience; Rocket While You Work, spotlighting the working folk of our town in their daily biddings; and Time For A Titter presenting the best or worst (depending on what Paul’s producer gets her/his hands on) of British comedy. Producer? There’s going to be a producer? Tune in from 9am, we dare you.