Eugene Sully comes from creepy Crawley and has been a regular attendee of Lewes Bonfire since his days at Sussex University, where he did Engineering and scraped through after spending most his time at University Radio Falmer, the student radio station (where his feature “Dropzone”, in which televisions would be thrown from cliffs and the sound played, was very popular).

In 2000 he worked in transmitter planning for the BBC and then as Station Engineer at Beat106 in Glasgow, before becoming a contributor on Channel 4’s Big Brother (Series 6), where he would helpfully do the adding up of the shopping budget and always get it wrong. He also was involved in the Teabaggate Scandal.

Since 2009 he has worked for BBC Look East and drives around in a satellite van to cover news stories by day; by night he delivers flares for some of the Bonfire Societies.

Eugene loves Disco, Dance and Rock.
Favourite Artist – Kate Bush (it’s the scary eyes!)
Favourite Film – The Wickerman
Drives – Subaru Legacy Estate

Eugene Sully and the Bonfire Boys 1st – 4th November, 3pm – 5pm

Expect lots of classic hits, dry humour, the car of charisma, visits from the Bonfire Boys and Girls, maybe a rookie or two and, of course, some legendary dead air when the right buttons/cds can’t be found!

Tuesday 1st November, 3.00pm – Borough B.S. with Mick Symes
Wednesday 2nd November, 4.00pm – South Street B.S. with Debbie Mathews and Roz Bassford South
Thursday 3rd November, 3.00pm – Commercial Square B.S. with Sharon Reid (Chairman) and others yet to be announced
Thursday 3rd November, 4.00pm – Southover B.S. with John Gower, Richard Clarke and a younger member Sadie Chant
Friday 4th November, 3.00pm – Cliffe B.S. with Steve Richardson (Chairman) and Keith Norman (Archbishop)
Friday 4th November, 4.00pm – Waterloo B.S.