Grace profile picGrace Edelman (Dis-Grace) is ten years old and lives in Lewes. She was born in Brighton and moved when she was seven. She found it really sad saying goodbye to her closest and best friend in the world, Sadie, but she really loves Lewes. Her favourite thing about it is Starfish music – she thinks that it is a really great place for people to go and play music that they feel passionate about. Grace loves bands like AC/DC, (her favourite), Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Mortorhead, Dio, Led Zeppelin and anything similar. Her favourite thing to do, even better than Go Ape, is to play rock guitar. She has a Fender Stratocaster copy, but her dream guitar is a Gibson flying V. Angus Young, the lead guitarist of AC/DC who dresses as a school boy is Grace’s inspiration. She knows a lot about him. She has an AC/DC tie (that she is wearing in the photo). Grace also likes the Hunger Games and mountain biking but most of all rock. She is really pleased to be on Rocket FM!

Grace presents Grace’s Rock Hour on Rocket FM. she says: “I think you really should tune in to listen, especially if you like rock. Most of it will be quite heavy and fast, but I will play a few calmer songs. Do you like AC/DC? Black Sabbath? Led Zeppelin? Queen? Deep Purple? Then this is the show for you. I will be mentioning a lot of my friends and giving you some great rock facts along the way, especially about AC/DC! Or perhaps you’re not a rock fan but you’re bored of listening to grown-ups on the radio? Well I am 11 and I’m going to be on the airwaves.”