John Bain bio picJohn Bain was born in Sheffield and is the same age as the People’s Republic of China. His early musical education was provided by Uncle Mack and Two Way Family Favourites. Despite this childhood trauma, by 13 he was a regular customer of Violet May’s record store, buying second hand vinyl jazz and blues EPs. Unlike fellow customers Jo Cocker – ‘Vance Arnold’ at the time – and later Jarvis Cocker, then known as ‘no relation’, he did not go on to stardom; except in the art college revolution of 1968 and the even smaller world of local government consumer protection and advice. He has lived in Lewes since 1984 but married Tessa (who everyone in Lewes knows) in Westgate Chapel some time in the early 1970s. He has three grown up kids and two grandchildren, all nicer and cleverer than yours.

John co-presents Jazz Club on Sunday 29th Oct 7-9pm.