Leo Sedgley profile picLeo Sedgley was born as a baby and grew into a child. He was an adolescent, became a young man and is now a middle aged man. He likes talking, thinking, walking, sleeping, laughing, breathing … actually, he likes lots of things. He knows lots of people and generally gets along with them. He knows quite a lot about some things, a little bit about other things and very little about other things. He’s done many things, but there are lots of things that he hasn’t done. Some of them he’d like to do, but other things he is not that interested in doing. If he wasn’t Leo, but he knew him, he would like himself and be his own friend.

The Show with No Name is a tour de force of radio excellence. Meticulous planning and preparation creates a show that sounds spontaneous and improvised (some would say amateurish). The music is of the fabulous, eclectic variety with a thread of quality running through everything. The chit chat is banal, pointless, funny, deep and meaningful.

Do your ears a favour……tune in to The Show with no Name and join the worldwide love in.