Mike Bonsor profile picMike Bonsor presents Who listens to me in their pyjamas, an exploration into Saturday morning night garments. Mike is sadly going greyer all the time, but still thinks he is 21. Why am I writing this in the 3rd person, someone needs to analyse me, although, my daughter has been doing that for years and will probably write her thesis about me (delusions of granduer). I did the Harry Potter character quiz and came out as Voldemort. I was chuffed.

Lived in Lewes for bleedin’ ages now, but still obviously an outsider. Number one son may be around a bit this year to help and hopefully get some Neville people in for the first show. Expect I will have a few more people on the last one as that is on ‘THE DAY!’

Who listens to me in their pyjamas? Saturdays, 7am – 9am (6am – 9am on 5th November)
What can we expect? Not a clue! Most show prep will be done on Saturday mornings. There will be pyjexting (if other people can invent ridiculous new verbs, so can I), there may be a sausage roll in the background, probably some caffeine, certainly an old man and hopefully not too many celebrity chefs doing some kind of annoying bake off / cooking / dancing challenge. However, there may be some science. We like science. As for music, yes, there will be plenty. Some old, some new, but still no Pet Shop Boys, they are still boring.