Tilly Buckton profile picTilly Buckton has just turned 14 and has been involved with Rocket FM for quite a while now. She started off coming to the fry ups on the Bonfire morning and then did the story time with her mum! She loves to play music and couldn’t be happier to have a whole show to herself (last time it was a shared show with her mum)! Tilly is playing all the top tunes of this year in her show – hope you enjoy!

Tilly’s Tunes
Saturdays, 3pm -5pm

Tilly’s T shirt Competition, Saturday 24th October
Congratulations to Molly Johnson, aged 9, who won!
The answer is: There are 7 Bonfire Societies in Lewes and they are called Cliffe, Borough, Commercial Square, South Street, Southover, Neville and Waterloo.