Peter Flanagan returns to the Rocket FM airwaves with Flanagan’s Wandering Rocks, bringing a veritable gallimaufry of music dear to his ears and soul. Expect to go for a ride in the wide neighbourhood of Tom Waits, Thea Gilmour, Lau, Philip Henry and Hannah Martin, Roger McGuinn, Ronnie Lane, plus chats with a few local and not-so-local musicians and other distinguished guests. His guess is as good as yours.

Peter is a graphic designer and has worked in offshore commercial radio, the IT industry, and as a recording engineer. He has often brushed shoulders with fame, though he is fairly confident none of it has rubbed off. He has inadvertently babysat Alice Cooper’s boa constrictor, once smuggled albums for John Peel, and was dismayed to discover recently that the carpet stain he was responsible for, shown on a the cover of a hit album had been edited from the remastered cd versions.

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Members of the legendary UK rock band Sharks, whose careers have seen them working with the likes of Paul McCartney and Elton John.

On Friday (28th October), hear members of the legendary UK rock band Sharks chatting and playing live on Rocket FM. Peter hosts a special edition of his programme, where he meets the musicians whose careers have seen them working with the likes of Paul McCartney, Elton John, Roxy Music and the Sex Pistols.

The band formed in 1972, and original members Steve Parsons and Chris Spedding talk to Peter about a musical association spanning five decades. Hear a fascinating and engaging interview – plus, Steve and Chris play live in the Rocket FM studio, including tracks from their current album, Killers of the Deep.
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Peter Flanagan
In addition to some years’ backroom duties with Rocket, Peter was involved in establishing the Lewes Community Cafe, and is a member of the team who organise the annual Lewes OctoberFeast food festival.

Peter’s musical tastes are confusingly broad, not least to himself; as a presenter he is consistently reliable in departing from his own carefully-honed playlists. The silences which can punctuate his Rocket programmes are inevitably the result of last-second inner wrangling over choice of next track. Peter has a large following, but has developed an intriguing agility at shaking off the bailiffs.