Dilly Barlow and Tony Leonard meet growers, producers and cooks and hear the stories behind some of the best food and drink on offer in and around Lewes.

Dilly has worked in radio all her professional life, loves the vibes of Rocket FM and returns to present a programme for all lovers of good local food. Along with Tony Leonard of The Snowdrop Inn and The Roebuck at Laughton, they will get your juices flowing and your tummy rumbling with a series of mouth-watering Food Stories.
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FOOD STORIES THURSDAY 26TH Oct. 13.00 – 15.00

In food stories on Thursday, Dilly will be talking  turkeys with Jim and Lucy Sheffield at their farm in Vines Cross where they rear free range bronze and white birds.

And while Tony investigates the micro-brewery at the Pelham arms where the manager, Andrew creates his own Abyss beers, Dilly visits their smokehouse to see what’s cooking.

The studio guest will be Ami Bouhassane, granddaughter of Lee Miller, and Ami will be talking about her book – Lee Miller, A Life With food, Friends and recipes.



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