Lewes at the Movies: past, present and futureTuesday 25 October

In the first part of Debby’s first show she will be talking with Carmen Slipjen about The Depot, our fancy new cinema planned for opening in 2017. This is being built in a prominent position at the old Harvey’s bottling plant by the train station – look for the painted hoardings. She will find out more about what is planned for this new venue. Carmen is also currently running a series of films in unusual places, in conjunction with Lewes District Council, under the title Re-imagined Buildings. One of these, Jigsaw, dates from 1962 and was filmed on location in Brighton, Peacehaven and Lewes. The film looks at the seedier side of the 1960s.

For the rest of the show she will be chatting with Ruth Thomson of the Reel Lewes history research project.

From the Lewes History Group Bulletin issue 69:

The Depot, a new independent cinema, will open in Lewes in early 2017. While waiting for it to be built, a group of local film makers and others interested in local history have formed Reel Lewes, to investigate and celebrate cinema-going of the past in Lewes. We will make a film and gather interviews and resources for an exhibition, ready for the Depot opening.
We need your help. Do you remember going to the cinema in Lewes? Did you go to the Cinema de Luxe on School Hill? Do you remember Fatty Briggs or Ice Cream Lil with the flit gun? Or did you go the Odeon? Do you remember the ushers, usherettes and their uniforms? Did you go to children’s’ Saturday screenings or rehearse for shows in the foyer? Did you ever watch a film during an air-raid?

If you, or anyone you know, remember these cinemas in any way, it would help us very much if you got in touch, just for an informal chat to start with, maybe an interview later. Please email reellewesinfo@gmail.com or phone Jane or Tony on (01273) 477776.
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Songs and booksTuesday 25 October
Debby’s first guest will be Seema Kapila, local songsmith and writer. We may also be lucky to have her sing one of her compositions in the studio.

Also featuring on her show will be Julian Warrender. Not only is she a popular children’s author (check out her fourth illustrated children’s book, The Railway Land Dogs’ Club – Three Further Tails) but she is also the founder of Ouse Valley Foods. The book is a collaboration with artist Lyndsey Smith and is the second in the stories located in the Railway Land following the adventures of the dogs who are walked there. For those who know them the dogs are all recognisable! However there are a lot more strings to Julian’s bow. Tune in to find out.