The World Music and Folk shows on Rocket FM are presented by Vic Smith. These programmes reflect his strong interest in (or obsession with?!) folk and traditional music from all over the world, and closer to home.


Rocket FM – Playlist – Folk Music programme Thursday 1st November 7 – 9 pm – 87.8FM in the Lewes and Ouse Valley area. Elsewhere streaming from the internet at from Listen Live page

For the last of my six programmes on Rocket FM this season, my folk music programme. my nterview guest is one of the scene’s top songwriters, Pete Morton and I will be playing some tracks from his numerous CDs. Now, Pete was a pretty frequent guest performer at the folk club that I was involved in running in Lewes and that gave me the theme for today’s programme I was involved in running folk clubs in Lewes continuously from 1968 until 2014 and so I thought I would choose some tracks from some of the artists that our club brought to Lewes.


Daoirí Farrell The Galway Shawl

Pete Morton The Sock On The Line

Pete Morton Interview 1

Pete Morton The Shores of Italy

Pete Morton Interview 2

Pete Morton The Two Brothers

Pete Morton Interview 3

Pete Morton Farmer’s Boy Frap

Pete Morton Interview 4

Pete Morton Casa Abierta

Terry Masterson The Song of Wandering Aengus

Will Duke & Dan Quinn Scan Tester’s Schottisches

Black Umfolosi 5 Ikhaya Elihle

The Other Band Camellia / Miss Rowan Davies

The Savoy Family Band Reno Waltz

Leon Rosselson Barney’s Got a Job Now

Michael Marra Frieda Kahlo’s Visit To The Taybridge Bar

Waterson:Carthy Meeting Is a Pleasure

Shirley & Dolly Collins Lancashire Lass

Sheila Smith Dear Father, Pray Build Me a Boat

Jeff Warner The Bold Privateer

Bayou Seco Lazy Heart

Cathal McConnell The Hurricane of Reels

Long Hill Ramblers Lady Diamond

Les Chauffeurs A Pieds La descente aux enfers

Pete Cooper & Richard Bolton Salisbury Plain

Rattle On The Stovepipe Waiting For the Federals

Jez Lowe Vikings

John Kirkpatrick The Windfall Polka/Haggling the Toss

Rocket FM – World Music Programme Monday 29th October 7-9 pm PlaylistI want to mark Black History Month with a programme featuring black artists and I have drawn on music from all over Africa, Latin America and the West Indies with the odd visit elsewhere. As well as black singers and musicians, I want to feature a substantial majority of female performers AND I only want to play one track from each country – that is apart from this first pairing of tracks which are both from the country which has the official name of the Republic of Guinea, but as there are three African countries with Guinea in their name, this is always called Guinea Conakry. And as there are eight women in Les Amazons de Guinée and three women in Les Soeurs Diabaté, that gets black women off to a good start in this programme.
Les Amazones De Guinée (Guinea Conakry) Reine Nyapou
Les Soeurs Diabaté (Guinea Conakry) Kalaro
Boukman Eksperyans (Haiti)


Kouman Sa Te Ye
Culture Music Club (Zanzibar) Mpunga
Rasha (Sudan) Leala
Danyel Waro (Reunion Islands) Bat La Min
Orchestra Baobab (Senegal) Pape N’Diaye
Batata y Su Rumba Palenquera (Colombia)


Kandia Kouyaté (Mali) Sambayaya
Batuko Tabanka (Cape Verde Islands) Qui Dia Nta Tchigala
Ry-co Jazz (Democratic Republic of Congo) Marie Jose
Vakoka (Madagascar) Era
La Negra Graciana – Graciana Silva (Mexico) El Pájaro Cú
Skeleton (South Africa) Kwa Xhosa
Gnawa Collectif (Morocco) Bangoro
Zainaba Ahmed (Comoros Islands) Yowa
Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks Unlimited (Zimbabwe) Hanzvadzi
Guillermo Portabales (Cuba) Junto A Un Canaveral
Vishwa Mohan Bhatt. (India) Mhari Mendhi Ro Sang
Ifang Bondi (The Gambia) Karo [The Moon]
Issa Juma and Super Wanyika Stars (Kenya) Barua
Rocket FM – Folk Music Programme 25/10/2018 – 7 – 9pm Page 1 Playlist
I have two interview guests tonight., from different generations.
Cohen-Braithwaite Kilcoyne is the younger performer who is already
making a big impression on the folk scene both as a soloist and as a
member of the excellent young trio, Granny’s Attic. He’s in the first
part of the programme and then after the news at 8 it will be a
long-established singer and musician, Steve Turner, and both these
performer have new albums out and that will be the focus of our
In the rest of the programme, I will be featuring tracks from new folk
albums, all released since Rocket was on the air last year.
Bogha    The Roving Of Her Eye
Cohen Braithwaite- Kilcoyne    The Country Carrier
Cohen Braithwaite- Kilcoyne    Interview 1
Cohen Braithwaite- Kilcoyne    Harrogate Quadrille/ Newcastle Station
Cohen Braithwaite- Kilcoyne    Interview 2
Cohen Braithwaite- Kilcoyne    Andrew Rose
Thomas McCarthy    The Dolting Old Man
Mischief Afoot    Knock On Wood / Oddpiece Jig / Firelight
Hector Gilchrist    A Waukrife Minnie
Will Noble    Walling Song
Alison & Jack    The Neighbouring Farmer’s Son
Magpie Lane    Sovay
Purcell’s Polyphonic Party    Dick’s Maggot
Misshaped Pearls    The Cuckoo
Steve Turner    The Crows they Crow
Steve Turner    Interview 1
Steve Turner    Lily Of The West
Steve Turner     Interview 2
Steve Turner    Ain’t Going To Work Tomorrow
Steve Turner    Interview 3
Steve Turner     Sullivan’s Farewell
Flora MacNeill    A Mhic Iain ‘Ic Sheumais
Nick Hart    Twenty One Years in Dartmoor
Bob & Gill Berry    Sarah Gale
Viv Legg    The Prisoner Lad
Proper English    Whinham’s Reel
Joglaresa    Christ Child Lullaby
Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham & Band Anglo    Tip Top Polka
Rocket FM World Music Programme – Monday 22/10/18 – 7pm until 9pm – Playlist
87.FM in the Lewes & Ouse Valley areas. Otherwise streaming from
As usual. I have a theme for my programme and today it is this. I am playing two tracks back to back and each pairing will have at least one singer or musician who is on both tracks, often showing quite different sides of their musical careers – and we start with the West African country of Guinea Conakry, bordered on the coast at least by Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone. Not many recordings from that country reach Europe which is a great pity because they have some fine musicians there
Bambeya Jazz with Sekou Diabaté Sabou
Sekou Diabaté Balake
Muzsikás with Márta Sebestyén Oh, Morning Star
Márta Sebestyén The Shores of Loch Brann/Hazafelé
Cathal McConnell Long Expectant Comes at Last
The Boys of The Lough with Cathal McConnell Farewell and Remember Me
Muddy Waters Country Blues
Muddy Waters Band Good Looking Woman
Taj Mahal & Queen Bee
Toumani & Sidiki Lampedusa
Yann-Fañch Kemener Trio Dañs Fisel
Skolvan with Yann-Fañch Kemener Tears
Toumani & Sidiki Hamadoun Toure
Kelétigui & Fassery Diabate Mankaïra
Songhai with Kelétigui Diabaté & Kassé Mady Diabaté Mali Sadjo
Kassé Mady Diabaté Mali Sadjo
La Bottine Souriante with Andre Marchand La Tapinie/Le Reel Des Voyageurs
Grey Larsen & Andre Marchand The Orange Tree [L’Oranger]
The Jazz Epistles with Hugh Masekela Yardbird Suite
Hugh Masekela Stimela
Dewey Balfa/Marc Savoy/D.L. Menard J’Ai Passe Devant Ta Porte
The Savoy Family Band Tous les Soirs Quand Ça Fait Noir
Abdul T-Jay A Nor Nem You
Abdul T-Jay’s Rokoto Man Go Bondo



I will be here with the very best in folk music all based in the town of Lewes that has a very long and successful folk music tradition. My interview guest tonight will be Valmai Goodyear and she is just the person for today’s programme as she is the main mover and shaker for folk music events in the town.

The whole of today’s programme will be based on musical guests – past present and future – at the town’s folk music headquarters, The Elephant and Castle pub which is the home of both the Lewes Saturday Night Folk Club and of the Lewes Folk Festival.

Jim Causley When I Was Young
High Level Ranters The Keel Row/Kafoozalum/The Washing Day
Bob Lewis Sweet Country Life
Valmai Goodyear Interview 1
Bob & Gill Berry My Jolly Wagoner Drive On
Valmai Goodyear Interview 2
Daroiri Farrell Cregan White Hare
Valmai Goodyear Interview 3
The Night Watch Quand Je Bois Du Vin Clariet
Valmai Goodyear Interview 4
Bruce Molsky Green Grow The Laurels
Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne Trip to Birmingham/The Poll Booth/Tekeli
Steve Turner Mary of Argyle
Kevin Burke The Sligo Maid/The Woman of the House/The Sailor’s Bonnet
Andy Irvine Moreton Bay
Stuart Reed Salley Gardens
The Askew Sisters The Wife of Usher’s Well
John Kirkpatrick The Captain With The Whiskers
Brian Peters John Hardy
Bob Copper Streams of Lovely Nancy
Sandra & Nancy Kerr George Collins
Jody Kruskal The Log Driver’s Waltz
Jimmy Crowley Salonika
Vicki Swan  & Jonny Dyer Broken Token
Len Graham Seventeen Come Sunday
Martin Carthy Young Morgan


As usual, I will try to keep a theme to my programmes and tonight I will be trying to go through the alphabet and playing a track from countries starting with that letter. I have had to cheat a little but with a couple of letters, but not much. So I am trying to fit 26 pieces of music in two hours so I’d better get a move on. I’ll be playing tracks in pairs and that will bring some strange contrasts as you will soon hear from my first choices from Albania and Brazil.
Albania    Saz’iso    Penxherenë e zotrisë sate
Brazil    Septeto Nacional    Llora Como Llore
Canada    Les Chauffeurs à pieds    Marie la chamelle / Reel du poteau
Republic of Congo    Mose Fan Fan    Kwala Rumba
England    Copper Family    Claudy Banks
France    Skolvan    Tears
Gambia    Jali Sherrifo Konteh    Fadunia
Hungary    Muzsikás with
Márta Sébestyen    Hidegen Fújnak a Szelek [Cold Winds Are Blowing]
Ireland    Four Star Trio     The Swallow’s Tail / The Heather Breeze
Jamaica    Bob Marley &
The Wailers    War
Kosovo    Esma Redzepova    Abre Ramce Terneja
Lebanon    Tootard    Laissez Passez
Mali    Kasse Mady Diabate    Dasjo (Sadjo The Hippopotamus)
Nigeria    Yoruba!    Homage to Yemoja
Oklahoma    Woody Guthrie    Pretty Boy Floyd
Portugal    Amália Rodrigues    Duas Luzes
Quebec    La Bottine Souriante    Le Reel des Soucoupes Volantes
Réunion Island    Caméleon    La Rosée Si Humes Songes
Scotland    Easy Club    Black Is The Colour
Turkey    Çigdem Aslan    Kardiokleftra
USA    Jeff Davis    Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
Cape Verde    Cesaria Evora    Cize
Wales    Blanche Rowen &
Mike Gulston    Mae’r Ddaear yn Glasu
Xhosa    Nelsy Sedibe    Holotelani [Daughter-In-Law]
Yemen    Ofra Haza    Yachilvi Veyachali
Zimbabwe    Black Umfolosi    Bazali Bethu